In Philadelphia and just played a show at Greenline Cafe!  Totally sold out audience: STANDING ROOM ONLY.  (Only if you were actually there will you know if this is true… I’m having deja vu right now: have I tried this one before on you?)

I’m on a little 10-day tour with Anna Vogelzang and Guy Capecelatro III.  Guy has an iPhone that he used to record the 365 song today because I, stupidly, left my computer at home.  I need to invest in some kind of intensely portable and wonderfully clear recording digital recording device so I don’t have to haul my computer around all the time.  I could do field recordings of songs in REAL TIME!  On of my goals is to do a whole series of “The Underneath Songs” – songs that would be written and recorded underneath things (highway road signs, train tracks, tables, blankets, my dog Lacey…etc.)

Writing: Tonight at the Greenline Cafe in Philly, there was an art showing that was serendipitous to the 365.  It looked liked this:

Imitation of Life by Timothy Buckwalter

You can read about Timothy Buckwalter’s exhibit here.

And visit Tim’s website here:

Well, Anna V. and violinist Joe Arnold and I did some improvising using the art that was hung around the room.  (We actually did a live exercise during my set using the audience and these pieces as as well.  I will post that soon, too.)  It’s an interesting exercise, actually.  Joe played bells, I played tambourine and sang main vocal, and Anna V. did the beautiful high vocal in the middle.

I’m apologizing now for the lack of sound quality, however, I might just blind myself and say it’s a kind of cool effect.  Every thing I’m saying is hung up on the wall.  “I feel lonely”, “I have hidden powers”, etc.  I’m sorry it’s hard to hear what is being said and what’s being done.  At some point you might be able hear Anna say, “You’re doing it. You should be recording this. ”  She didn’t know Guy was recording it… If it was clearer I might try to sample it and put it through out the song.  Overall, a fun night and we got it documented, so all is well in the realms of an alter-reality.

I Feel Lonely

I feel lonely

Why can I be noticed by everyone else?

I feel lonely

What’s the difference, what I mean is I’m a lost soul….

I was never here

I have hidden powers

(Take it Anna)

Come on…

I was just breaking up with yo

You certainly have a flavor for the ironic

If only you’d be quiet.

I feel lonely

Don’t touch me.

I am strong.

I was never here.

Wish that I was never here.