J.S. Bach

Emily Jane Price grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Emily Hope Price grew up in Logan, Utah.

Emily J. and Emily H. are 3 years apart in age.

Emily J. and Emily H. grew up performing in various orchestras for young string players around the state and Emily H., the violinist, would receive cello music, and Emily H. would receive violin music.  One year, Emily J. received an invitation to play with the Utah Symphony at a very young age, and it was announced in the paper that she would be playing.  Emily H. received all kinds of calls from friends congratulating her on this very special honor.  She was confused and worried: was she supposed to be playing with the Utah Symphony!?  Nope.  Emily J. Price strikes again!  Though they knew each other existed for a long, long time, they didn’t meet until 2006 when Emily H. moved to Salt Lake from Pittsburgh.  A mutual friend was putting together a string quartet to play Dvorak’s American String Quartet.  It was a momentous occasion.  The two Emily’s became very good friends.

This is our story.

I love Emily Jane Price.  Upon completing my artist diploma here in New York, I performed the Ravel Duo with Emily on my final recital.  Emily now lives in Baltimore and works as a violinist, teaching many students and performing solo recitals.  I have a show tonight in DC, and I wanted to come early and stop in Baltimore to visit Emily so we could play together.  This was a perfect time to record a piece for the 365, and excuse to play with Emily again.

Emily is performing this piece in about a month on a solo recital.  She invited me to play a cello/violin version with her for the 365.  Originally written for solo violin, the violinist is given many double, triple, and quadruple stops (chords) to play.  The pulsing bass line you hear the cello play in the very beginning is actually supposed to be played by the violinist at the same time she is playing the melody.  This is only part of the reason Bach is so challenging.

In our version of this piece, we talked a little about how we should shape phrases or the chords: should Jane play the top note of the chord or should Hope play the top?  We would try both.  We picked this up at probably 9 pm and worked and recorded until about 11:30, including recording.  I am only including the first half for the 365 due to the fact we were getting delirious with a lack of sleep around 12 am.

I’m actually going to include a portion of the Ravel we did for my recital in 2008.  It is such a challenging piece.  We rehearsed for weeks to get it ready, and I made the 3-4 hour drive to Baltimore to rehearse with Emily quite a few times.  It felt great to learn and perform such a difficult piece in a relatively short period of time.  It is such an awesome, awesome piece, and I hope you like it, too.  There are many amazing versions of the Ravel Duo for Violin and Cello played by incredible musicians.  I would highly suggest you get this piece and add it to your listening repertoire as well as the Bach.

(I was up until about 2 am… at around 12:30 Emily put in a workout video called P90X: Have you heard of this thing!?  Holy Crap.  It’s like 500 different workout DVDs that vary in intensity.  Of course, the day I join up with Emily she’s on the hardest one of the collection.  Any why not stay up and workout with Emily Jane and then watch an episode of X Files?  Why not?  HOLY SQUATS, I’m sore this morning.)

Bach Sonata No. 2 for Violin Solo – Andante (arr. for violin and cello)

Ravel Duo for Violin and Cello – Allegro – Emily J. Price, violin and Emily H. Price, cello