Rules of this exercise:

1. Set a time limit: 15 minutes: lyrics, 10 minutes: music

2. Set a rhyme scheme: ABBA

3. Set per line beat: 4

4. Alternate author’s lines: Emily – Line one, Jonathan – Line two… and so on…

5. Pick an instrument: Emily – Baritone uke, Jonathan – drums

6. ROCK!!!

It’s okay that neither one of us can really play these instruments… ha!   I have been watching X Files.  There are a lot of flashlights always waving around in dark places… oh, and a lot of dead bodies and bones, too…

Dead Man’s Bones

Done a bad, bad thing in the neon lights
Got one foot in and one foot out
Ate a dead man’s bones in a summer drought
But I feel all right
God, He sent me down one fateful night
Three dimes in my pocket and a shotgun shell
Stoppin’ in Heaven on my way to Hell
And I feel all right
It’s the meanest thing I ever did
Since I pushed down the preacher’s kid
But I feel all right