I have a show today at Columbia University’s Postcrypt Coffeehouse! I’m actually pretty excited about it because it’s acoustic only: there are no monitors which mean no loop pedal AND the house limit is 35 bodies: so it will be really intimate.  Tonight at 9:30 pm: Postcrypt Coffehouse: 1160 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027.

This is the improvisation Lorne Watson and I did from a few days ago… day 108.  In listening to this away from the moment, there are actually some really cool things in this…

I’ve been working on a few songs recently that I’m hoping to complete and post in the next few days.  The one I started to day I will try to finish when I get home from the gig tonight and post for tomorrow.

Hope you are well!  Thank you for being so supportive and always offering such kind words of advice and kindness!  Happy Saturday.

Cello and Percussion: Lorne Watson & EHP Improvisation