Taken in DC on Pearl and the Beard’s tour to Austin, TX in March.

Well, this is a bit unprecedented, but I think this will be an interesting addition to the 365.  This is a song Sam McCormally (of day 10 and day 22) and I worked on about two months ago.  Jonathan and I visited DC a while back and Sam and I had a quick second to sit down and work out a skeleton of this song.  We attempted working on it over email, but it kind of came to a screeching halt when lyrics became a problem (as there really aren’t lyrics for this song).  Sam laid down the guitar and his vocals, sent it to me, and I put cello and my vocals on top.  I sent it back to him to do lyrics for it, but… life happens, you know?

BUT, I really wanted to post it, and I’m just not sure when it will ever get completed.  We went back and forth for a while with 3 different versions (the second one being a little over the top on my end of things…).  This version, the last version I offered up to Sam after he sent me his parts, was by far the most simplest and complimentary to the vocal line.  I resisted Sam’s suggestion to leave my vocals word-less at first, but, in listening to it again, maybe he’s right.  In any case, this unfinished song allows insight into the gibberish that occurs when lyrics have yet to be incorporated.  What you’re hearing lyrically here is an improvisation.

That’s it for today.  I will now be getting back to more writing.  I do hope one day this gets finished, but, until then, I offer up this sketched version to you as the one-hundred and tenth song of the 365 Project.

Untitled and Incomplete (Sam McCormally and Emily Hope Price)