107. You Don’t Know Nothin’ ‘Bout Me (Six Word Song #2)


365. You are Gozer. YOU ARE GOZER!!!

Ahhhh!!! The 365 is winning! I am losing! Ahhh!!! 365!!!  You are the master!  YOU ARE THE MASTER!

This song partially based on a suggestion I got from my dear friend Shannon Player to do an all body percussion song… I don’t do body percussion very well… there are some really awesome body percussion people… and I’m really going crazy. C R A Z Y.

And a study of the pregnant pause.  (It’s kind of like the hanging pregnant chad from so long ago.)

You Don’t Know Nothin’ ‘Bout Me

5 thoughts on “107. You Don’t Know Nothin’ ‘Bout Me (Six Word Song #2)

  1. It would seem natural to go back and develop some of the beautiful work you have done in the last months into more finished songs. I am sure we would all be interested, and it must be easier than starting from square one every day, or at least different.

    • Rex,

      Thank you for this thought… I really appreciate your comments and your really thoughtful advice. Indeed, this posting was obviously frustrated, and it comes with the territory. You just happen to be living with it every time you check in as well… I’m actually planning on revisiting the songs from the past that I feel have some further potential and doing a studio recording of them! Which I’m really excited for you to hear! Admittedly, I think I need a trip to open up the barriers, which will happen in a few weeks on tour! Yay! I’ve been home for several weeks and locked up in my apartment with too much internet… that ever happen to you? Hope you are well! Thanks again! -ehp

  2. YOU DID IT! That’s so awesome! I am sitting here with THE BIGGEST grin on my face right now! It just gets better and better as it goes on! When I completed Level I Orff Schulwerk Certification we practiced and performed a body percussion piece everyday. I had a BLAST! I have an entire book of body percussion songs…which makes me think I should actually teach them to my kids (students)…I wonder why I had not thought of that before – my high school kids could totally rock that. You have me thinking and changing my teaching plans AGAIN! I love that! Ha ha! Thank you for doing this – I MADE THE 365 BLOG! 😀 Awesome.

    PS – …are you saying I don’t know nothin’ ’bout you?


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