The River Ouse by Patti Smith

This is an exercise in expectation.

Recording: Improvised the first line (the first line you hear).  Looped it 5 times in Garageband.  The following lines play off the expectation that the first line implied, if any.  You can hear the additional lines play within holes… though, now as I recap this for you, I question my ever familiar form… no breaks, only adding voices until it’s gone and done.  I have this form in live shows when I use my pedal, too.  It comes with the limitations of the pedal and being too lazy to figure something else out.  The biggest problem with starting small and getting more and more is the risk I run with everything becoming muddy (which happens 9 times out of 10).  This is a good realization (though I knew this before), and it’s good to really try to find a solution and experiment with different forms.  Also, I’ve been listening to different kinds of world music lately and there are appropriate pauses that I never seem to do naturally.  That should be an exercise: The Pause.  Hmmm… it makes one think.  Again, yet another good thing about having to write this out: escaping habits and realize I actually do have them.

She Walks From The Road to the River