102. Drowning The Hyrdodome


Instruments used in this song:

1. Toy Organ: I bought this on ebay for way too much.  I thought it was going to be something it wasn’t which led me to neglect it for over a year.  I keep meaning to find a purpose for it.  It’s really cool, but very specific in its sound, so I’ve had trouble really introducing myself to it.  It also has an extremely loud fan which you can hear switch on and off.

2. Paper I: A crisp white piece of paper with some lyrics on it that I crumpled up a few times throughout the song. As it got closer to the end of the song, I ripped it up into strips, crumpled them up and let them fall to the floor.

3. Paper II: A crisp white piece of paper with the word “Lyrics” written in the middle of it.  I ripped this into strips in the very beginning and crumpled the strips up throughout the length of the piece.

4. Vocal I: I don’t really find echo effects that interesting, but for today’s purposes, why not?  This is a humming vocal line.

5. Vocal II: Narrator.  I chose only narration for Vocal II to read, not character speaking lines.  The words are taken from “Tom Swift and His Deep-Sea Hydrodome” by Victor Appleton II.  I have started swimming 4 days a week mainly because I would like to be a mermaid.  Mermaids need to know how to swim well.  By the time I start on my second lap of the breaststroke, I feel like I’m just dunking to drown myself.  I’d much rather just spend the entire time completely submersed underwater just swimming around instead of hearing this in my ears, “Splash-gasp-dunk-splash-gasp-dunk-gasp…” over and over again.  All sound is consistently distorted and suffocated.  It’s the same when I’m doing freestyle.  I really like swimming, but it’s almost more aurally repetitive than running (“slap-slap-breathe…. slap-slap-breathe…”).  Did you know they make mp3 players and headphones you can swim with!?  I should really save up and invest in something like that.

There was very little preparation in finding a voice I was happy with and you will notice that the quality changes from beginning to end.  I like how it opens, but it’s hard to maintain that kind of voice when I didn’t have a specific idea in the first place.  I just wanted to try something different today.

I am trying to free my mind melodically and sonically.  Songs or pieces like this become a way of exercising and finding new sounds I can use later…

What I learned: The Organ isn’t bad.  The paper effects gave me some ideas I wouldn’t have thought of before… I will be using some of these new ideas in the future… (Like: the sound stickers make, etc.)

Drowning The Hydrodome

One thought on “102. Drowning The Hyrdodome

  1. This is pure awesomeness! I love all of the effects and your voice and style of reading reminds me of William S. Burroughs. I think it’s is definitely in my top 10.


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