101. Heart ‘N’ Soul (Señors of Marseille)



♥ The Wednesday Morning Commercial Break ♥

Graham, Vlad, and Matt

So, I live in New York City.  I often mention how many awesome people I meet, and this happens to be yet another installment of “Awesome People Emily Meets”.  I met The Señors of Marseille at a Pearl and the Beard show a few years ago.  Graham Bishop and Matt Swope were playing at a bar with us called Coco 66.  After we played, Graham walks on stage with a huge (and I mean HUGE) bottle of Champagne and proceeds to toast to his mother and sister (who were in attendance in the audience).  They play an awesome show, if you can catch them.   When I met them, they were a duo, but it wasn’t long until they added Vlad on drums… Shows are always entertaining AND you can download their entire new album for FREE for a few days here...www.thesenorsofmarseille.bandcamp.com

I have done some cello stuff for some of their songs before… so, I thought, since it’s a Wednesday, it’s day 101, and taxes are due tomorrow, I would post a collaboration we did together a while ago while I’m working on a few new songs today.  This doesn’t totally count as a 365 because I recorded this with them last year (in their apartment), but it is a collaboration so it counts as half a 365 (whatever that means…).  My plan is to post a legit song again today for the 365, but I kinda want you to hear these guys because they’re great musicians, they have a unique sound, and they’re really great people.

Here you go.

Heart ‘N’ Soul


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