100. Death and Taxes (Nothing More Certain)



I started doing my taxes at 7:30 am today.  I finished them at 4 pm.  Something you might want to note is that I’m in a slump.  Songwriters go through these things, however, but we don’t really see or experience them as a listener.   Through this project, you get to hear it.

It’s okay.  Really.

I wasn’t okay with it when I first realized it was happening, but I have to be okay with it now.  I wonder if it’s because a lot has happened recently to distract me, and certainly crunching numbers all day doesn’t help to create and post a song today.  Nonetheless, here is my labored song..

Writing: Jonathan is such a help to me.  We sat in front of the computer (you should know I was complaining the whole time about how I couldn’t think of anything to do or say…) and he pulled out a bunch of different ideas that might get me going: a strangely awesome book called “Tom Swift Jr.: Tom Swift and His Deep-Sea Hydrodome”.  The captions for the illustrations are hilarious: “The intruder dealt the repelatron a smashing blow, then whirled around and attacked Tom.”  After some messing around we moved onto the “Bon Iver” method.  I have no real confirmed reason to call this method thus, though I believe I did read somewhere that Bon Iver has written this way: mumble and have someone (or yourself) write down what they (you) think you’re saying.  So, that’s what Jonathan did.  He has a good ear for what people might be saying (most of the time it’s totally random and weird like in ACDC’s song Dirty Deeds, he always sings it as, “Dirty Deeds and the Thunder Cheeks” instead of “Dirty deeds and they’re done dirt cheap”.)

The uke part itself is pretty improvisational… though I wish I had prepared myself better… in improvised instrumental part means the melody is pretty much improvised, too.  It’s a good and bad exercise…

I was quite frustrated with the instrumentation… accordion? Cello? Baritone Uke?! Ahh!! NOTHING.  In the end, I just sat with whatever was in my hand.  I don’t mind the words, but I purposely distanced myself from a melody requirement.  The pressure was off because I’m so late and became so judgemental and critical.

I didn’t end up really getting into the writing mood (at any rate) until Jonathan left the room to take a nap (he noted this out loud to me as he was drifting off in the next room…).  That says something for sure… can you write with someone else sitting right next to you?

Recording: Several versions of different kind of songs were done with different instruments.  This is the last recording of the last instrument I tried.

What I learned/things to ponder: Patience. Procrastination doesn’t help anything, even if you’re doing taxes.  Focus matters.  How do I get focus back on the task at hand when I’m so far from it?

Personal Side Note: A huge surprise came knocking at my door today… some dear, loving and supportive friends sent me flowers on my one-hundredth day of the 365.  I couldn’t have felt any cooler (and admittedly undeserving) of such an incredible surprise…Thank you Melanie and Jason!

Death and Taxes (Nothing More Certain)

It’s the kind of kid that takes it, water in my eyes I floated to the top
I picked up what I can’t buy here, put them in a dog hole, she’s going down, she’s going down
Oh, she’s in my head, Oh, she’s in my head
There’s nothing more certain than death and taxes, Neighbor sat for the whole show
I said it’s nothing, I said it’s nothing who can know?  You’re the guard.  It’s sentinel got down in seven-hundred
One hundred times the pace, and we will march it, here we go.

8 thoughts on “100. Death and Taxes (Nothing More Certain)

  1. Woot, woot!!! Keep marching ;)!! Fantastic job so far… what a wonderful treat, to hear a new song of yours everyday!… it certainly motivates me to pick up the pace of my own creative process!! Cheers 🙂 ~ HH

  2. Congratulations on 100th on April 13! And taxes done!

    Your ahead of the game!

    Natlie Mechant also on today released her CD (away from sleep?) First in 7 years!

    1. Did not write lyrics (used poems from others)
    2. Did not do the music (had others do it)

    Thus you are not behind. Of course she’ll make a mint.
    Did hear a couple of the songs on NPR today and
    they do sound good!

    Keep plugging!

  3. Now that I think about it, we should have sent 100 roses — one for each day!

    I’m in total awe of your dedication. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how success is reached one habit at a time.

    People often think we need more discipline or willpower. The trick is to channel our willpower (when we are graced with it) into habits that are in line with what we want most in life.

    You’ve made songwriting and amazing habit. It’s just like lifting weights to build muscle. I can only imagine that your lyrical biceps are now the size of tree trunks.

  4. Congratulations on reaching the one hundredth day of the 365! An amazing achievement. You are such an inspiration.

    I look forward to listening to your new songs and reading about your creative process. It’s now a regular part of my day.

    Lovely roses!


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