99. I Got Permission (Mr. Patrick)


Yesterday I talked about Master Lee and Mr. Rick Patrick.  Today’s song involves something very awesome.

There is a huge cathedral here in New York called St. John the Divine.  Mr. Patrick pulled some strings so we were able to get the proper permission to perform and record in this awesome place.  We wound our way around the out side of the cathedral and entered in the side door.  I had been to the cathedral only once before and had totally forgotten how huge this place is.  (St. John’s can hold 15,000 people.)  I was instantly anxious.  Even though we had permission to be there, what if someone tried to throw us out?  I thought we would just play in one of the side rooms (which are also very beautiful), but Mr. Patrick walked right up to the center section (pictured here in a photo I found online):

We unfortunately didn't get a picture of us performing (though some eager tourists did). We played right here!

We were approached three times and asked if we had permission to play here, to which Mr. Patrick calmly replied, “We received permission to be here from…”  And they left us alone though advised us to make it fast.  Though we had limited time (less than a few minutes), I really think we captured something really awesome.  I felt like we were stealth bombers.  We set up everything very quickly and pushed record.  The space was beautiful and the added energy helped in the improvisation, I think.  I stood about six feet behind and to the right of Mr. Patrick while we recorded.

About the performance:

Mr. Patrick has been telling stories for years and years and has also been studying guzheng for some time now.  He brought his guzheng to St. John’s, and we improvised this piece for the 365.  I hope you enjoy it, as it has brought us much happiness.  What a cool opportunity for me to play and record in this space.  Thanks, Mr. Patrick!

I Got Permission

6 thoughts on “99. I Got Permission (Mr. Patrick)

    • Ha ha! yes, he told me that story… I kind of put my head in my hands for a second… well, that’s my dad! I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk to you in person! I will come again in September or October most likely… would love to see you then!

  1. darling.

    ever since you have played in portland i have had a song on repeat in my head of yours, “let’s go dancing. fall in love for the first time…”

    is this song on an album, soon-to-be-album, or on eph365?

    thanks love.

    • Caseylin! Yes! You can buy it on iTunes!

      It’s called Lost In Singapore. My band, Pearl and the Beard, released it on our first full length called God Rest Your Weary Soul, Amanda Richardson.

      So glad you like it!

  2. Hey what strings? not Cello or Guzheng? humm harp strings were pulled to get us in the Cathedral…….
    I called an angel I happen to know.

    That day during Master Lee’s recording with you, you were waffling between scored written vs impromptu performing. We talked in the Cathedral garden (full of spring color that day)how both are essential to a musicians life, and this day you got permission from yourself to be structured or impromptu or any mix between. It is ok…………. you got permission.


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