96. Girls and Boys (The Electric Cello Study)


Almost day one hundred.

Typed in "mega band" into google image. Awesome!!!

I was listening to the radio yesterday and they played Dave Matthews Band.  It made me think about the Mega Band. Now, I consider a Mega Band huge; a Mega Band is a band that will go down in history as being powerful and known to most of the general public.  Who are Mega Bands, you might ask?  Well, since I’m typing, these will be subject to opinion obviously:

Mega Bands might include:

The Beatles

The Rolling Stones



Led Zepplin

You get the picture…There’s really no criteria other than the general populous recognizing a band’s name.  As I was listing “greats” in my mind, I had a discussion with some people about who they thought were “Mega Bands”.  We then tried, using our shady criteria, to list “Mega Bands” who had females; either all female bands or female leads of some kind.  We discussed the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs (Karen O.), but do they fall under the “this band will go down in history as all time Mega” category?  In any case, I had a hard time thinking up a Mega Band fronted by a female.  Heart?  Heart is fronted by Ann Wilson (with guitar by Nancy Wilson).  Not only are they two super hot rock and or roll chicks, but they kick Mega Band ass.  However, would you consider Heart a Mega Band?  It’s hard to say because what is one person’s Mega is another person’s Micro.  (I grew up on Heart, so they’re pretty Mega to me: Barrraacccuuuudddaa!!!!)

We addressed the topic of Solo Mega’s, too.  Bruce Springsteen, Prince…ummm…?  Then we talked about female Megas:  Is Bjork Mega?  She’s a girl.  Barbra Streisand?  She’s a girl, too.  Why not throw in Madonna (she’s pretty certifiably Mega, actually.)  I can find more women who fall under the general category of Solo Mega.  Why’s that?

Now, I understand this all depends on your definition of Mega.  More specific criteria to judge might be:

1. Longevity: how long has the band been around?  Where would Nirvana have gone if Kurt was still here?

2. Hotness of the Mega: How hot is or was your Mega?

3. How well has your Mega aged?  Do they just look like old version of their former self or a shrunken head?

4. How many Christmas albums has your Mega released?  This qualification is very important, so please count carefully.

I could go on, but I digress…

Anyway, I watched the documentary It Might Get Loud today over lunch. It’s great and entertaining, and CRUSH on Jack White.  This made me think again about the Mega Band concept.  Why were these three guitarists chosen of every guitarist available? (Other than the fact that Jimmy Page was the associate producer…)

The song today is from a bit I did all about experimenting with distortion. I have  tiny practice amp that has a single distortion knob on it.  I rarely use it, but I turned it all the way up today.  It is recorded live.  This is a smaller end-section of a larger whole that I recorded today.  It was done in one take and live.

I played a Pearl and the Beard show last night and met some very nice gentlemen who let me borrow their pedals: an octave pedal!  I’ve decided I’m going to get one.  It’s awesome. In the wake of feeling very rock and roll, three songs until the end of our set, my C string burst right in half.  I thought instantly, (literally: instantly) of violinist Itzhak Perlman.  My grandmother loves to tell me the story of how he was playing a solo concert and broke a string (or all of his strings or something or other) and played the rest of the concert on his one remaining string… that story has yet to be completely confirmed, but I’m not doubting he could do it: the guys a genius.  Well, considering that the string I broke was my lowest (C string), it made it difficult to think that solution would be possible, let alone effective.  So, I just tuned my remaining strings down a 5th (making my next highest string, my G string a C.)  It was sketchy, but I think it worked.  I felt really rock and roll.  Yessss!

Lesson learned: Be your own Mega and have a great day.

Girls And Boys

2 thoughts on “96. Girls and Boys (The Electric Cello Study)

  1. Ooo, I like this topic. Just thinking about it, here’s more megas with female leads:

    1. Jefferson Airplane
    2. Abba
    3. The Supremes
    4. Fleetwood Mac
    5. Blondie

    6. Gladys Knight and the Pips (Solo mega?)
    7. The Mamas and the Papas (who was the lead in that band anyway?)
    8. The Ronettes (Maybe not as well known…)
    9. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (Solo mega?)

    You’re right it’s hard to think of modern female-lead megas that aren’t solos.

    • Excellent! Thank you for picking this up! All very good lists…I agree: Joan Jett came to my mind, too, but I didn’t include her (though she is totally my hero)… Jon didn’t think she was mega enough… HEY: the day they make a movie out of your life, you should probably consider yourself mega.


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