95. Hai Neinish kirnin Aritch (Language study!)


Good day.  I am preparing myself to move… It’s time, I think.  I don’t know where I’m going, but I hope it will be somewhere close!  I will keep you updated.

Today’s song is a study in language as I have yet to really study this aspect.  I took French in high school and the first year of college.  I never got really proficient at it, unfortunately.  I think it’s a beautiful language.  Since then, I learned one sentence in German (“Storage room key, please”) and a few words in Spanish (that I can’t even remember right now.)

Ever heard of Sigur Ros?  It’s fascinating to me that this group has become so well known throughout the who world but doesn’t write in English (though there are hundreds of examples of well-known bands who don’t sing in english).  See for yourself: http://www.sigur-ros.co.uk They write and perform unbelievable music.  I hope you like them, if not love them.

Writing/Recording: So, today, I have written a song about little boy and a huge wrecking ball sung in anti-english.  I based the tune from a few very ghostly memories of some Armenian, Romanian and French folk songs I’ve heard in my time here on this earth.  The sound you hear at the beginning is played with my cello bow scraping up and down the strings and then plucked later on.  It was a live and very quick recording since I wanted it to feel more like a traditional folk song I picked up from my great grandmother or something…

I had a good time composing this one: it was fairly quick after a few frustrating attempts at something else. I made a melody mistake towards the end, but the jump was confusing and difficult with the lyrics being so acrobatic.  I think it gives it character.

Songwriting is a form of fantasy: Do I really speak a language or am I just wishing I did so bad that I actually can speak one in the context of a fantasy world?  What is a language anyway?  If you’re the only one who speaks it, is it still a language?  Or does a language have to be written down for it to qualify?  I have two examples: Jorane (who I think I’ve talked about before). If you don’t know her, you do now.  She is a French-Canadian cellist who decided, at a relatively older age, to pick up the cello.  She practiced and practiced and started singing at the same time.  She’s now Canadian’s version of a cello-playing Tori Amos.  She’s the only one who has been able to play arco (with the bow) solo and sing at the same time and convince me it can work.   It makes me want to do it, but I’m also convinced it just won’t work for me.  You can hear and see what I’m talking about in this video of her song Ineffable.  She makes words and sounds up when she sings.  (This song’s also entertaining: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DjZr-SMy8Kw&feature=related

My other example is a friend of mine who created an entire language on he can speak and wrote his entire life history in words only he can decipher.  I have mixed thoughts about this aspect of it, but I felt it was quite genius of him.

Because I am preparing to move, I am doing a lot of cleaning and throwing away.  It’s hard to let things go, but I must get to it or it will get too late.  Pearl and the Beard have a show tonight, and I think I would like a Bubble Tea: if you don’t know what these are, introduce yourself.  It’s like gummy balls in the bottom of your favorite shake.  It’s so good, it’s almost gross.

Hai Neinish kirnin Aritch

One thought on “95. Hai Neinish kirnin Aritch (Language study!)

  1. Very cool. This reminds me of the music group Adiemus. Have you heard of them? Their music isn’t in any language…and I am not sure if they made up a language with all the linguistic “rules” or if it is literally just sounds. Either way, it’s cool.
    Love the Jorane YouTube link.


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