94. I’ve Come to a Stopping Point (Improvisation No. 3)


HOLY MOLY!  WEBSTER HALL DEBUT SHOW TONIGHT AT 7:30 PM!  (And it’s five bucks. That’s gross awesome.)

I should thank my lucky stars that this is only (formally) improvisation number three, when I’ve had many occasions to do many more than that.

Someone noted the other day that I don’t really have a huge amount of new loop songs.  This is true partially because I find the loop pedal a bit limiting.  Without proper equipment, you’re obligated to stick to the line you created in the very beginning unless you’re sneaky or not-so-sneaky.  I had been tuned down for a different new acoustic song I was working on and decided to include a loop song today for the 365.  This is recorded live (obviously: as you hear human coughing and dog breathing throughout).  I generally don’t go back and critique any improvisations I do, which is a shame mainly because I can learn a lot of things I can improve or change.  In this case, this particular improvisation isn’t particularly graceful, but I took tiny risks vocally I think.  Didn’t over think anything.  I’ve decided to be braver and attempt to post it without hesitation.  I will do it here, feeling like I’m exposing too much of the muck I normally wade through and cast aside in order to post.  But, the more I create, the more I appreciate pieces I hesitate to show you.  It’s a way of exploring different insecurities: Why don’t I want to post something I feel is sub-par?  Why don’t artists put demos on their CDs?  There are many reasons, I’m sure, but I would wonder if one of them is to keep you, the listener, from questioning the artists’ ability or skill.  That’s why we put forth our best face or sound, as the case may be.  Someone said it this way, I’ve mentioned this before: There are going to be 365 songs.  Ten of these pieces might be formal CD worthy.  The rest?  Trials, bad days, uninspired days, unappreciated gems even, etc., etc.  I’m just showing you everything before it even hits the ground running.  I have days where I question my decision to do it this way.  But I’ll trod on.

Hope you are well today.

I’ve Come to a Stopping Point

2 thoughts on “94. I’ve Come to a Stopping Point (Improvisation No. 3)

  1. Trod on because it is a complete experience to hear you figure stuff out. . . the madness behind the creativity or visa versa.

  2. Love it! Um…So…remember at your concert when you started off with that really killer improv with the didgeroo sounds in it, and then it got all crazy minor, and then it was breathtaking and we were all like “whoa?” And then you said you were gonna post it to the 365 in the next few days? I’m ready for it. Love, Sam.

    Also, while I’m writing, there was a song you played around the middle of your set that you preambled with a monologue about why you’re doing the 365 project, and that it was a song that you wrote 1/2 for yourself and 1/2 for everyone else, and you hoped that we could all find something to like about it. THAT SONG WAS FREAKING AMAZING. Is it on here somewhere? I wanna hear it bad. Alright. You’re amazing. Hopefully you will read this some day.



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