93. Ode To Delta No. 2 (or Delta, Delta, Delta)


This has been quite a day.  I will just paraphrase for you:

  • Woke up at 6:30 am.
  • Ran to airport to arrive there at 7:30
  • Rushed to our plane at 8:30
  • Gate checked my cello
  • Sat on the plane for an hour to de-ice
  • Watched It’s Complicated with Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep (not at their best, mind you. I regret I had earphones on me.)
  • Also watched 2 episodes of Jason Schwartzman’s HBO series Bored to Death.  (Was glad I had earphones on me.  It’s silly stupid, and I liked it.)
  • Landed at 3:30 and sat on the plane for an hour in a line of other planes.
  • Learned that, without surprise, they took my cello to baggage claim despite having a pink “gate check” tag on it.  The whole point of gate checking my cello and expecting it back at the gate upon arrival is to save me and them a lot of hassle, but they get all ornery about strollers vs. instruments and often take it to baggage claim anyway.
  • Found my cello disappeared somewhere between the plane and baggage claim and spent three hours in Delta’s lost luggage department seconds away from tears or a heart attack as they continued to tell me they had lost it and didn’t know where, not only my cello, but all of the oversized baggage had been taken.

I also learned, while waiting, that they had put the oversized baggage on the carousel and it had jammed somehow.  The jam had caused the delay.  Now, imagine Emily Hope imagining her cello the cause of the jam, and it being crushed and pulverized, despite her cello encased in blankets, clothes, and Karen Poleshuck’s awesomely strong cello case.  Panic increases.

Three hours later they wheel my cello out, in fine condition, apologizing and telling me they will give me more mileage for my trouble.  I’d rather just be guaranteed a free cello seat every single time I fly, but our relationship hasn’t reached that stage of intimacy, obviously.


I attempted to post a song this morning but with all the running about, I find that I had to wait until now to post the song for the day.  I simply had to forego my original plan and write an Ode to Delta, since, on my trip to and from Utah, they were so wonderful as to lose my cello TWICE.

There is an omnichord in this song.

There are three Emily vocals in this song.

Jonathan is singing very quietly in the kitchen while he makes us our first meal of the day: at 7:14 pm.

Ode To Delta No. 2 (or Delta, Delta, Delta)

Delta delta delta
Can I help you help you help you
Once is twice as nice to lose
The things that mean nothing to me
But twice is twice as nice
And I’m so glad to be the reaper
Won the card and played the game and
Now I’m three times as thankful so
Delta delta delta
Can I help you help you help you
Delta delta delta
Can I help you help you help you
Love, I love you
Love, I love you
Ease, it’s easy
It’s easy to love you sooo
Delta delta delta
Can I help you help you help you
(whisper: Delta, I love you)


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