91. It’s Easter (At the Hurtado’s)


That’s right. An Easter Song with an 8-year-old Sam Hurtado and a 3-year-old Stella Hurtado, Jonathan on BANJO-UKE! (TRUE!) and back up vocals with Tom Hurtado!  (You can hear Stella scream at the perfect time, and Sam adds his own colorful lyrics.  Already a song writer. Excellent!) We are staying with the Hurtado’s while we are in Salt Lake: they are very good friends to us and have helped organize the shows here.  Simply amazing people.

I will post more about this song and add lyrics, but we are on our way to a feast of goodies and easterly things… so, I will say to you who came to the SLC shows this weekend:

THANK YOU!  It was an amazing experience, and I had the best time.  You are the best!

It’s Easter (At The Hurtado’s)

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