90. My, You Are A Pretty Thing


Good afternoon, as it is: The Afternoon.

Image from The PepsiCo Gardens in Westchester, NY


Avenues Yoga, 68 K Street!  8 pm! Buy tickets online!  http://www.avenuesyoga.com/?page_id=109

Shameless Promotion over.


I thought I’d try something a little different: Showing with sound how I feel on the inside.  I’ve been talking to an artist friend about Dada and art.  I took a Degenerate Art class in my master’s degree study, and we addressed the whole art for art’s sake idea.  I still don’t know how I feel about it personally, and honestly, sometimes it is frustrating when I don’t understand what I’m looking at or hearing, but I try to appreciate it.  It’s a really fascinating conversation to have with an artist or art history professor, which is what my friend happens to do for her job.  Of course, she knew more about it than me, and ripped me a new philosophical new one.  Oh well, it’s still fun to banter about it.

How do you show someone how you feel on the inside with sound?  I’m not sure, and I guess that’s why I tried it.  It’s interesting because you can hear my cello pop as I turn the pegs down low, low, low, like it’s going to break.  I love sound that is disintegrating and popping of its own accord with very little or no help from me.

I talked about Tom Waits last night at my first SLC show, so I suppose he had some kind of influence stylistically, but he’s very melodic, so the influence is very small.  I understand this won’t make the cut for a CD, but that’s not necessarily the point of the 365.  I mean, a song worthy of more attention and perhaps future use is nice, but exploring is important, too.

A show tonight and then I’m done and back home to New York!

My, You Are A Pretty Thing

I’m going back
I gotta claim on mine
I gotta climb in my heart, climb in my heart
Gotta climb, Gotta climb
Gotta climb outta my heart, climb
Gotta get out of her heart
Gotta get out of her
Gotta get out, gotta get out
And mine’s the way


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