57. Red Barn At Dusk (RPM)


Mercury Lounge Show Tonight!

7 pm. 365 Songs! and Abbie Gardner is singing with me!

Opening for Dan Torres!

$10. Be there or Be absent and squarish.

This is a red barn. But not at dusk. But I think it’s okay that way.

Red Barn At Dusk

Am I the talk of the stage? No.
Am I the bride or groom?  No.
Did you leave me? No.
Am I the talk of the stage?  No.
Did you see my name in lights?
Like they foretold?
I liked you then more.
Liv, come back!
Liv, come back!
Don’t you know I have your shoes on my back porch?
Am I the talk of the stage?  No.
Am I the talk of the stage?  No.
Did you show your age for my back?
Oh, every time.
Every time.
Every time.

This is the last song I completed for the RPM project.  It’s over!  Guy Capecelatro started the first two tracks of this song, then sent it to Mike who added two.  I got it yesterday and worked on it last night.  I added two tracks of vocals.  These lyrics are improvised.  The crying in the end was a weird glitch in my brain that said to me as I was singing, “Hey. Cry here.”  Ha!  It was funny and when I was done I thought, “Can I really send this?”  It was the first take of those vocals and the eleventh-hour was drawing nigh, so I didn’t do them again.  Guy wrote back after I sent it to him, “This is so very awesome and unexpected.  I’m entranced by the singing.  Have you heard Cocorosie?  Has a little of that going on, particularly in the near sobbing ending.”

I had not heard of CocoRosie.  I LOVE IT!!!  And now you can know about CocoRosie, too!

I am tired.  I have a show tonight!  Yay!

Once again I am feeling great, huge heaping amounts of gratitude for you.  Thank you for coming over.  Have a spectacular day.