87. I Am a Piano (Study in Octaves and the Piano Pedal)


This is in the PepsiCo Gardens in Westchester, NY. I believe it's called Two Ovals, but I'm not totally sure... you should go if you're in town. It's awesome.

Excuse my very tardy posting (especially those of you on the east coast and even eastern-ly-er.  I have been running around, driving, driving, driving and noodling around to get ready for these shows this weekend here in Salt Lake City.

I stayed the night at Jonathan’s mother’s house.  She has a piano.  I thought, “I haven’t done a piano song yet, so I think I will.”  This is a study in octaves.  I love octaves.  There’s just something very interesting about this interval.  They are exactly the same note but very different- a whole span different!  I like the feeling of the octave and the color the octave brings to a song.

I also love listening to things we don’t always here.  Sometimes in a piano recording, you can hear the player depress the piano pedal.  You can hear every string react from the movement and they ring simultaneously.  I love that moment.  I exaggerated it and used it for myself in this little study.

I am about to run about again and more rehearsals tonight… but will try to be on time tomorrow for the posting, as it’s a good goal to be on time to things in general.


I Am A Piano


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