86. The “Delta, You’re Awesome” Song


I am in Salt Lake City for a few shows.  I arrived last night at 11 pm.  I waited and waited and waited for my cello to come into “oversized baggage”.  Nothing.  Come to find out my cello is in New York.  I spoke with an incredibly kind woman at the Salt Lake City airport who was so helpful.  I am leaving for the airport right now to see if it came in on another flight today.  Positive thinking…

Now, I have usually purchased seats for my cello, but I started flying more and more and just can’t afford it.  The only way of guaranteeing a sense of peace about flying with your cello is to buy a seat.  Even then they hassle you in security.  It’s really a no win in the end… people will give you problems no matter what you do.

Writing: It started as a haiku, but it obviously isn’t (5-7-5), but whatever it takes to get you there, you know?  Jonathan offers back-up vocals, and the rest is improvisation!  Yay!  Now, it’s just a little jingle.  Delta- I’ll sell it to you for a price.

The “Delta, You’re Awesome” Song

I love you Delta
You left my cello in New York
You are great Delta

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