84. My Name Is Kane


Taken at PepsiCo Gardens up in Westchester, NY

I recorded this song live in 2008 at Sidewalk Cafe.  Funny enough, it was recorded by Bryan Speaker, the very same friend who inspired the 365 project.  I re-edited it and sold it on a live EP for about two seconds and then took it off because I thought it was a horrible performance of it.  A photographer friend of mine used it on a video she did which I will try to find for you to see; it’s really moving.

It is all done with a single Boss loop station.  In the middle of it, once the loop is set up, I got up from my chair (I sat and played then),  and used another vocal mic that was set up with a bunch of reverb.  Listening back to it, it’s not nearly as awful as I thought it was, and I’m actually surprised it worked as well as it did.  Many good thoughts to you on this very cold March day.  Good will and good thoughts.

My Name Is Kane


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