Good morning or evening or afternoon to you; whichever it may be right now.

Taken this past Sunday night at Bryce Canyon, Utah by a very kind stranger who put the memory card of our camera into his very nice camera and took our picture. I had never thought of that before, but, man, how nice!

Today is a special song written me and Jonathan Clark.  I did the uke playing and Jonathan did the singing and lyrics.
Jonathan and I sat down with the baritone uke, found some chords, and improvised the rest.   This was a good exercise in improvisational lyric writing.  Jonathan had written the first two lines while we were trying to find a good uke part, but the rest was all improv.  I think he did a splendid job.  It’s funny how revealing improvisation can be if one empties one’s mind and puts it out onto the table.

Yesterday, I was reading an interview Charlotte Gainsbourg did with Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth.  It was super interesting, and Kim Gordon talked about how she wrote lyrics and music and such.  It  made it all the more interesting to find that even the great artists get stuck with lyrics now and then.  Bon Iver does some mumbling and improvising to find his lyrics, too.  It’s an interesting process.

We recorded this in about 15 minutes, I’d say.

May your day be wonderful today…



I don’t know what the bad news brings
All I know is it brings me to my knees
I find it hard when the sun don’t shine
I will eat lemon pie
Yesterday was just a day away
But it feels like three lifetimes past
We just keep on moving forward
The wind does blow in this cold time
The wind does blow all the time
But it keeps me from thinking about the past
It keeps me moving, keeps me dreaming
It keeps me all the time
Keeps me moving, keeps me dreaming
It keeps me here.

More Pearl and the Beard Tour Pictures!

This is a huge painting that hung on the wall right behind us as we performed in Memphis at: The Buccaneer.  What can I say? It was perfect.
Pearl and the Beard played in Memphis in a bar called The Buccanneer. This was a huge painting that hung on the wall right behind us. How could I not capture this (about 5 different times!) on film?! AWESOME!!!
Lost in the Trees
If you haven't heard of the band, Lost in the Trees yet, today is the perfect opportunity. This was one of the most amazing live show experiences I've had. Virtually a chamber orchestra of sounds and goodwill. Look them up, buy their work, love it, too. Shot in Austin, TX during SXSW while we were there on tour.
Pearl and the Beard
We played in Greensboro, North Carolina for a Monkeywhale Productions presented evening. It was awesome. Jocelyn is shown here mimicking her picture on the poster. The picture on the poster is from a video we shot during our last tour with Harvey Robinson for Harvey's Kitchen: a guy who has bands visit him and shoots a live video of them in his awesome kitchen. He did our song Vessel and Lost in Singapore. Look it up! It's truly amazing!