Sometimes you just need to put some beats together, you know?

Total composition time: One and a half hours.

Instrumentation: garageband samples.

Perfect: No.

Fun: Yes.

I am including some pictures from Pearl and the Beard’s Rebus McEntour 2010 for your perusal.

Much love to you today.

Illegitimi Non Carborundum


Jocelyn brushing her leg hair (she is growing it out for a year to show support for me and the 365)
Kelly Neel showed us how to eat crabs in Baltimore. Jeremy's opinion of it was definitely mixed.
We had places to stay in almost every stop but Memphis and one other town. Here, you can see the sweet, sweet Motel 6 bedspread. And Jocelyn is trying on Jeremy's shoes and showing them to the camera.
In Austin, Jocelyn and I went to dinner and found a spaghetti place where you can ride a horse for fifty cents. I did partake, much to the chagrin of on-lookers waiting imaptiently to be called to take a table, in the bucking of the bronco, however disappointing. Rock on, Austin.