76. Walking, Following, Returning (A Scene: Austin, Texas)


Unfortunately, this is yet to be another day where I cannot write very much.  Though I will tell you, as it is 12:25 am, Pearl and the Beard have played their last show at SXSW tonight and, hence, have ended our tour.  We are so sad!  We’ve had such a wonderful time and have met some of the most amazing people!

Joc and Jeremy will be dropping me off at the airport at 5:30 am to attend Jonathan’s father’s memorial service… quite a change from the blaring sounds of Austin, Texas during the festival.  It’s a shocking dip into reality just off of tour.  They have to drive thirty hours back to Brooklyn…

This song is based on a scene that happened to me very quickly today: I walked out of a venue, was followed by a friend who called my name, but I could not hear him.  He came from behind me, startled me, and I hit him very hard: more than once.  I feel bad… and I mistakenly gave him a backhanded compliment by saying the words “nerd but…” when I should have said “You’re a nerd AND….”  Being a nerd is good and should never be followed by a but unless it’s “You’re a nerd, but I really think you should be a bigger nerd than you are because that would be way cooler…”  So, I walked, I was followed, and I returned to whence I came.

Recording: Took place in a garage this morning while eating a fried egg and toast with tea.  It was pretty good.  I didn’t immediately like this one at all; in fact, I almost scraped it, but I stopped myself.

Writing: Bass developed first, then motiv, the accompaniment.  All other decisions were based of this model in this song: asking myself what range does it need now?  What textures?  This is a very short song done in a very short space of time….maybe an hour total? Hour and a half probably.

Now, I must sleep. Will revisit…


Walking, Following, Returning (A Scene: Austin, Texas)


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