Meet 4-year-old Jasper Christmas and his musician father, Jeff Christmas .  They live in Knoxville, Tennessee.  We stayed with them while we were there, and they just happen to be the coolest people ever AND we all joined Jasper’s band: Laying On A Pillow. Jasper and his dad are great song writers:  They performed several songs for us while we were there.  Jasper is actually a huge inspiration for Pearl and the Beard’s newest song!  So, keep an ear out for Jasper’s debut.

Jasper is playing the banjo in this song!  It’s awesome!

I waited to post this until I had enough time to fix the video I took of us doing this song, but I will just post the mp3 for now.  We are dashing to Austin today and need to get there by 1:00 and still have 5 hours of driving to do!

See you in Austin!

Layin’ On A Pillow