We played a very, very small show in Memphis, Tennessee.  Though it was small and ill-attended, we met some really great people.  Smokey bars really suck, however.

Today’s song is something Jeremy started singing as he was trying to get to sleep.  Joc and I kept him up by attempting to record something else, so he just started singing this, and I went with it.  I like the laziness of the sound of his voice because 1) he is trying to sleep and 2) he is laying down.

The other problem I’m having with recording is that I’ve lost my headphones at a house in DC and Jeremy’s headphones broke today, so all mixing and tracking has to be done with headphones that only have the left ear working.

Jeremy and Jocelyn both speak spanish (well, at least Jocelyn speaks pretty fluent spanish; I’m not sure about Jeremy actually).  I did nothing but study french, so I’m useless, though I do want to do a song in a different language for sure.

Jeremy recorded first, then Joc, then me.  It was an experiment in remembering and responding.  We recorded everything once.  As you’ll hear, Jeremy gets a little…. well.. Jeremy in the middle of it, so we had to work with that, too.

We have a show in Little Rock, Arkansas tonight.  I’ve never been this far south, and I’ve never seen so many places to eat fried food in my life.  Hoping you are well today!

Ven aquí, mi amor.
Ven aquí, por favor.
Porque yo quiero besarte.

Ven Aquí, Mi Amor