71. Paper Moon (Pearl and the Beard)


It is now late (again) and Pearl and the Beard have offered their help for the song today… this is a little improv number for you…

I’m sorry these postings have been so brief and nondescript.  Things have been pretty up and down and quite busy.  We head off to Nashville tomorrow, which I’m quite excited for, actually.  I leave for Utah Saturday morning to attend Jonathan’s father’s funeral then return a week later to play two shows on April 2 and 3 in Salt Lake City.  There are some very hard things to do and other, much different things to do in the next little while… I suppose this is part of what life gives us, no?  I don’t know how else to look at it except from far away like you look at a painting in the museum: seeing the whole thing as a spectator; close enough to kind of understand it, but far way enough from it until you’re ready to see how it’s actually put together in its detail and be affected by it wholly.

Writing: This is another example of how a song can be born from virtually nothing by improvising.  I purposely made Jeremy’s guitar out of tune to achieve that old wonky guitar sound, and somewhere in the middle tried to create the sound of a musical saw with my voice as an experiment.

I hope your Monday morning feels less like Monday and more like a Wednesday or Thursday even.

Thank you for visiting and reading…though I have been a bit distracted lately, I’m so glad you’re here.

Paper Moon

3 thoughts on “71. Paper Moon (Pearl and the Beard)

  1. Very cool.
    If you ever want to have a real musical saw on any of your songs… do you know of the service given by the ‘Saw Lady’? You send her (http://www.sawlady.com ) your track + sheet music or a lead track for what you want the saw to do, and she will record it for you (for a fee, of course). The wonders of the Internet 🙂


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