70. Jonny Took The Bus Home (A Shortened Version of An Incomplete Scenario)


I feel as if that number has a lot of meaning for me, but I have no idea what meaning that meaning is… I’m so tired and I want to sleep so bad.

Pearl and the Beard just played in Greensboro for a Monkeywhale Productions sponsored show.   It was awesome!  People were so great, and we made some interesting, wonderful friends.

Next stop: Knoxville.  And we are staying in the most amazing little apartment tonight.  It’s great, and we will rest well!
Until tomorrow… as it is now 5 in the morning, and I haven’t slept at all.  This is a song that’s more based on trial and error than anything else.  It’s basically an experimentation on loudness and many celli just for the beginning.  The rest of it is more of a scene descriptor… and it’s actually very much incomplete.  Being on the road has it’s major positives and huge set backs.  I’m slowly learning life is like that.  Doing the 365 on the road is really challenging.  We spend most of our day driving, and most of the night getting ready to perform.  I’m having a hard time finding good places to record and the focus with which to do it.

Oh sleep!  Where are you!?

Hope you are well!  I’m going to bed!

Jonny Took the Bus Home

4 thoughts on “70. Jonny Took The Bus Home (A Shortened Version of An Incomplete Scenario)

  1. if this is the result of sleep deprivation then please don’t sleep…ever!

    incomplete or not….one wonders.

    I love it the way it is, the way it’s always been.


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