69. Telemann Canonic Duet for Two Celli (in Memory of Thomas Cecil Clark)


Photo courtesy of the Cobras after long day of filming PatB Will Smith Medley all around Brooklyn.

My friend…I am having a hard time writing today for a number of reasons.  I will post a short entry, but more news will come soon.

This is a recording I made with my very dear friend Brittany Gardner who is a wonderful cellist.  When I lived in Salt Lake City, we played together as a duet on occasion.  I love playing with her.  We made this recording for a sample CD we made.

This is what’s called a canonic duet (a canon: Piece of music where one voice repeats the part of another, throughout the whole piece.) which means that the two parts being played here by the two cellos are exactly the same except offset a few measures.  First, you hear Brittany start the piece, and I come in a few measures later.  It’s quite a wonderful musical device.

Pearl and the Beard have been driving all day from DC to Stroudsburg, PA and back to DC.  (We had a 5 minute performance there.  Ha!) We need to be in Greensboro by tomorrow night.  We are so tired of driving.

I have been writing lyrics and recording, but have decided to break the rules today.  Today, I am allowing a recording into the 365 from a while back as a very special dedication to Jonathan’s father, Thomas Cecil Clark.  He loves classical music, and I only wish I could play for him in person.  I don’t think he will hear this, but I wanted to post it for him anyway.

I love you, Cecil.

Telemann Canonic Duet for Two Celli

Update to those of you who knew him or know Jonathan: Jonathan’s father passed away this morning in a hospital in San Diego.  I don’t know what else to say.  We love him and miss him.

4 thoughts on “69. Telemann Canonic Duet for Two Celli (in Memory of Thomas Cecil Clark)

  1. I’m embarrassed to say I just found my way here today. I’m so sorry for your loss and hope that being able to create and perform and experience beautiful music can help you and Jonathan in your grieving. I’ll be so glad to see you this weekend

  2. Emily, my heart aches for Jonathan and you. I hope you are both receiving all the support and love you need during this time of grief. Sending you my love and support to add to all the others.


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