66. Sebastian (Kelly Neel)


Tonight, Pearl and the Beard played in Baltimore… in this city lives a girl named Kelly Neel (UKE PLAYER!!!).  She is a good friend of ours and has been so kind to house us on our tour to Austin.  Before our show we all went to dinner and ate Maryland Blue Crabs (okay, well, I opted for a salad instead of partaking in the crab smash fest, but it was still entertaining to watch Jeremy crack a crab for the first time in his life.  Kelly was a fantastic teacher as she has been eating crabs nearly her entire life.  What a mess!)  We couldn’t help remarking how sad we all felt as these little creatures laid on our table, awaiting our stomachs… (or their stomachs, I suppose…I did have a small taste, and I must say, it was tasty.)

We finished dinner, went to our show, and got home at about one in the morningish.  I still had to write a song, so dear Kelly agreed to stay up with me and write a song.  It is now 3:25 am, and we are still awake together!

Writing:  Luckily, Kelly plays the uke!  I had her pick her three favorite chords, and we were off!  We wanted to write an ode to the dear sacrificed lives of the crabs at our table.  This is a dual narrative: one crab in sea pleading with another to stay home where it’s safe, far from our mouths.  We also did a little study where we used the same chords, in the same order for both the verses and the chorus.  The challenge was to find a new melody different enough that you would buy that it was the chorus.  I find when people do this in songs, if it’s done well, I don’t notice that the verse and the chorus use the same chords.  Did we fool you?  The lyrics were fairly quick and Kelly was shooting them out like they were sunflower seeds… it went very quickly!

Recording: We practiced it once completed all the way through and recorded it twice.  This is the second take.  It went very quickly despite the lateness of the hour… and Kelly has to leave for work at 9:30 in the morning, so I’m very grateful for her help and total inspiration!  What a great collaboration, even after a show and crabs and a full stomach and sleepiness, sleepiness!

We head to DC tomorrow to see dear friends and play at The Red and The Black on Thursday night!

Crabs to you!



In the sea, in the sea
The sea’s where you’d rather be
And you could come home to me
Just tonight, tonight
Just tonight
You’d be such a welcomed sight, tonight
Stay, stay with me
Don’t, don’t you go, my dear
Stay, stay with me
Don’t you leave me here
Let me go, let me go
I’ll be better off you know
Just need some space to grow
Some day soon, Some day soon
Your eyes, they will catch the moon
And I’ll be home to you
Wait, wait for me
I’ll, I’ll be home, my dear
Wait, wait for me
I will, I will soon be near
If he is gone, then I am gone
I will search until the dawn
But he will live on and on
Stay, stay with me
Don’t, don’t you go, my dear
Stay, stay with me
I will be here
I will be right here

3 thoughts on “66. Sebastian (Kelly Neel)

  1. This is a lovely love song, really. I found myself trying to sing along … although, as I wasn’t familiar with the melody it made for an interesting attempt. I really like the slight hesitation in the second repeated lyrics like “Let me to, Let me go” and “Some day soon, Some day soon.” That hesitation makes it feel … what is the word, more sincere…powerful…passionate…real.
    Now I am wondering if I would have noticed the chord progression if I hadn’t read the song info before listening – I doubt that I would have because the chorus and verse melody are so different. Keep on keepin’ on girl!
    Luvs, Shannon


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