64. I Am The Destructor (A Deconstrution)


Pearl and the Beard is leaving for tour TODAY (Monday, that is…) Philadelphia show tonight! Leaving Jonathan lots of food in the freezer… oatmeal cookies, and Green Tea Ice Cream (don’t know why, but he likes it… bleck…)

Title: I am not clumsy.  I am “careless”.  Or so Jonathan says.  Or so Jeremy and Jocelyn from Pearl and the Beard say.  I take things apart or they just magically break.  And why not, I say?

Recording: My parents are funny and buy me funny awesome things.  For Christmas, my mom bought me an Edward Cullen lunch box.  It came with a thermos! (It leaks.)  Tonight, I found some rubber bands hanging around the house.  I took my lunch box apart and strung rubber bands on it.  You can hear them break and snap and fly off in this song.

Do you remember Olive’s bells from a few days ago?  They take a prominent role in this song.  Olive’s bells are super cool because they are just colored bars on a wooden frame that aren’t held down by anything, so you can pick them up and put them in any order or whatever.  You can hear me pick them up and put them down again, then pick them up into a little bundle and then put them down again.  You can also hear me rub my hands in circles on them.  I like this sound.

My bells: I first recorded them clean, but after listening a few times, I tried some effects and loved it.  They have amp simulation and vocal transformer on them.

Vocals were a choice I wasn’t sure I should make actually, but I put them in any way.  Since this was a deconstruction, I bent over, squished my diaphragm, crooked my neck up and shut off my throat for the first half.  I used the vocal transformer on a second vocal track.  I have been using this on my vocals lately, and I’m finding I really like the ease of this tool and what it allows me to do… though I feel it’s a little bit of a cop-out.  In the last few seconds there is a tiny melody the vocals take on.  I wonder why it’s there when this is a deconstruction?  Maybe there is some light at the end of the rubble?  I don’t know.

I recorded this song at 120 bpm and after all the tracks were recorded I raised it to 150.  I did this because it was 1) getting too long and I was afraid you wouldn’t make it to the end of the song – maybe you still won’t, but I hope you do. 2) It needed that special something.  It always freaks with the sound to try this.  I’ve done it on one other song: I like it.

The frequencies were screwing with the mic, and it was peaking: both problems of which I am extremely annoyed, but it’s totally my own fault, but I didn’t want to go back and re-record stuff, so I’m going to deal with it.

You doing alright today? I hope so.  If green tea ice cream isn’t your thing (which I totally understand), might I suggest a dreamcicle?


I Am The Destructor

2 thoughts on “64. I Am The Destructor (A Deconstrution)

  1. are you sure you are the destructor?… maybe you’re thinking of gozer the gozerian.

    there is no dana, only zuul!

    i like ambient music.


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