63. Mr. Parley Strange Takes His Damaged, Nearly Unrideable Velocipede To The Station (A Study in Sudden and Unexpected Dissonance)


I wish this were a few things:

1. More on time

2. Performed better.

I didn’t take time to make sure the bells were recorded and performed better.  But I think this has some potential content-wise.

This is a study in sudden and unexpected dissonance.  Where you think the notes will go?  Where does your ear want them to go?  Follow the cello line?  Where should the musical phrase end and the next begin?  Do you like the tiny dissonances?  One bell placement in particular reminds me a little of Stephen Sondheim.  I think that guy is a genus.  I watched Into the Woods the other day while I was cooking.  It’s one of the only musicals I can really watch and enjoy.  (More power to those who love musicals… they’re just not my cup of tea generally, but I’m always in for a good Stephen Sondheim.)

Recording: The cello part came from a few weeks ago when I was just improvising.  I learned it again and re-recorded it.  The whole line in general is improvised so I didn’t know when to expect the chord changes and have to react by instinct instead of my over-thoughtful brain.  I used my metallophone (which I am in love with) and did 2 tracks: high and low voice.  I chose where dissonances would go and recorded the fade out live.

Title: Parley Linford is my great-grandfather.  He lived until he was 99 and died on his birthday.  He liked fishing, peanuts, and Nilla Wafers.  I like the word “strange” so that became Mr. Parley Strange’s last name.  This is a velocipede.

Pearl and the Beard leaves tomorrow for tour.  We start in Philly (where there is a museum of medical oddities I want to see SO BAD.  SO.  BAD.  Maybe I can convince everyone to leave super early just so we can go see it… )

Happy days to you!

Mr. Parley Strange Takes His Damaged, Nearly Unrideable Velocipede To The Station


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