62. Get Out Of The Car (RPM)


Pearl and the Beard leaves on tour on Monday!

I realized I didn’t have you hear this…it is a part of the RPM Challenge I did with Guy.  This song was written by Mike Wolcot.  He did guitar and vocals, sent it to Guy Capecalatro who added 2 tracks, then I got it and added two tracks.

I feel this song is appropriate for a Saturday morning, as you may have experienced this event even last night: who knows! (*Those of you with sensitive ears- there is one f-word in this song.  If you’d like, you can master the art of censoring by using your mute button with a quick hand…or cough on cue.)

My favorite line? We both have opinions and both of them stink…

I hope your weekend is shaping up to be a tremendous one! Working on multiple songs can make you forget what you’re really working on… but it’s a good mental workout.  Have you seen Tim Burton’s Alice and Wonderland yet?  I can’t decid whether or not to see it.  I’ve got some mixed emotions about the trailer, but I felt that way about Avatar’s trailer and loved the movie… But, man, that Johnny Depp…


Get Out Of The Car

Get out of the car, let go of my hand

On the hook forever
For every mistake that I made in the past
You’re stalling for time now
Taking cheap shots trying to cover your ass

Our place is like quicksand
The harder we fight here the lower we sink
You never listen
You’re talking so much I can’t hear myself think


I’m so fucking angry
I’m trying to leave without working this out
In less than a week’s time
I won’t recall what this fight was about

When something’s on fire
We both have opinions and both of them stink
I never listen
You’re talking so much you can’t hear yourself think

One thought on “62. Get Out Of The Car (RPM)

  1. Saw Alice in Wonderland in IMAX 3D today – LOVED IT!!! (Is this not the place to post such things unrelated to 365? If so, sorry) Shannon


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