60. I Miss The Snow (RPM)


This is my new tatoo.

Day sixty and it’s nearly 2!  Yay!  Tardiness!

Anyway… well, Jonathan and I have had a long few days.  I just returned home from driving him to the airport.  While he was still at work today I bought him a ticket to San Diego where his dad is in the hospital in the ICU hooked up to a ventilator.  It’s all very sudden and worrisome.  I hope you understand me being so late in the posting today… Some things take a back seat when  things like this happen.  I have never purchased a plane ticket on the day the flight was to take off: what an exciting purchase… if you can call it “exciting”.  I packed him a bag, he rushed home from work, and we were off.  Luckily, the cheapest ticket to San Diego was leaving from Westchester Airport: a very clean, tiny, tiny, tiny, airport with absolutely no traffic.  So, now, I am home.  With Lacey.  Thinking.  Trying to work.  We have just eaten turkey sandwiches and a black and white cookie.  I concentrate on why the white icing on the cookie is so hard and the black icing is so soft…

This is a song from the RPM Challenge I did with Guy.  I spent a ton of time working on a song-study on rhythm and perfect fifths, and then this whole thing kind of collapsed on us.  I will finished that song today and get it ready to post: on time!  I have the whole weekend alone with Lacey.  I will get her to help me on a song, too.

Pearl and the Beard have a show tomorrow night at Webster Hall and then we leave for tour on Monday!  Jonathan will still be gone…I will keep you updated on life’s progress as I post…

Oh, Life: you are a cruel, yet tempting mistress.

Recording:  I made 2 tracks of cello loops and sent them to Guy and Mike.  Guys lyrics are always so appropriate and haunting.  I like them.  Mike’s piano is perfect… I mixed this one because I initiated it.  I wanted to bring Guy’s voice up front: he has a tiny insecurity about his voice and usually pulls it back, but I love it, and think it’s right where it should be.  Thanks Guy and Mike!

I Miss The Snow

Down here the trees look weird
And the leaves don’t turn to copper and then fall
I put whiskey in my coffee
Just to take the edge off
Because around here the days are sharp enough to cut you
On Sundays I feel so listless
Cause no one here prays the way we did
Though I don’t know your phone number
I still dial to hear them talk the way we do
If I could just hear even a moment
Of you breathing I might somehow be all right
I miss the snow and I miss Melissa
I miss her sister who screams in her sleep

4 thoughts on “60. I Miss The Snow (RPM)

  1. Sorry to hear about Jonathan’s father. I hope you guys are able to find comfort and peace. I love the mysteriously spooky aspect of this song.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about this terrible turn in Jonathan’s dad’s health. I will be thinking of you two and holding you in my heart. Take care.


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