58. Tugboat Pulaski (RPM)


Whoever said best friends can't be purple was totally wrong.

I have a friend named Bea.  She has a beautiful little girl named Olive.  Is Olive five or six?  I can’t remember right now.  Olive plays the violin and ukulele.  She also has some really cool multi-colored bells that are from the Lilian Vernon catalog in 1984!  She has kindly let me borrow them to write some songs!  I have been working on a few songs that have these bells in them.

I used them for this song on the RPM Challenge.  Mike Wolcot started this song with 2 tracks (he who starts it, names it), Guy added 2 more and I added vocals and bells.  I recorded both in my bedroom very comfortably, so it went quickly.  I feel like this song should go into a movie.  No?  I liked this project so much because it helped me think differently about instrumentation.  What do you add to a song?  What does it need?  What don’t you add?  I also liked it because I had to wait for my song at the other end of a production line.  I had to give free reign to what might happen to my song.  It was a really great exercise.

In any case, this is a bells song… I have been working on several others and will post them soon!  This project has become very automatic for my brain.  It’s become a constant companion: one that I know will always be there when I wake up no matter what happens the night before.  It’s a good and bad feeling, actually.  Sometimes accompanied with dread, other times excitement.  I write every day even thought the songs I’m posting might be a few days old.

I had a show last night at Mercury Lounge.  I was the only female set the entire night.  Everyone following me was male with guitars, guitars, guitars.  I only mention it because there was as slight feeling I had of being out of place, but I played my set with Abbie Gardner and felt better.  We had to represent the Boobs!  So, all went well.  I had a really nice chat with a big touring band out of Austin called Wade Bowen.  Since Pearl and the Beard is leaving on tour next Monday, we chatted it up about touring life and such.  This band tours 200 days out of the year, has INTENSE merchandise (girl’s boy-style underpants and $400 guitars with Wade Bowen’s face on it).  One member we talked to was 30, married, with two kids at home.  It’s an interesting look into the way life is for some musicians.  This is their job.  They play music and live out of a bus: and they love it.

Until tomorrow!  Hope things have been going well this week for you…

Tugboat Pulaski


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