56. You Broke Me In: Ninety-Six Seconds (RPM)


Commercial interruption:

EHP has an early Mercury Lounge show, TOMORROW NIGHT! Monday, March 1 at 7 pm!  With Dan Torres.  She starts at 7 pm and is doing some 365’s with special guest Abbie Gardner from day 36Get more info here.

I know what you need: A random picture of the kissing scene from The Godfather. Yes. Exactly.

The past week has been a whirlwind. The second I get home, I’m off again.  Yesterday was a crapshoot: lost the charger, computer died, and drove from Maine back home all day yesterday.  The snow in New York has been piling up, and it’s making everything take a little more time than usual.  Pearl and the Beard played an awesome show at Hog Farm in Biddeford, ME (my favorite venue so far!), and we leave again in just short of a week for our tour to Austin.  I’m tired already.

The RPM Challenge is ending TODAY, and I’m rushing to finish tracks… here is a finished track I’ve done for the RPM Challenge with Guy and Mike.  (For more information on the RPM Challenge, see day 46.)

I love electronic, experimental, indie-bandish, dance, etc. music.  I write acoustic ballads sometimes, but in my heart I love this stuff and wish I could put out stuff like it.  Broken Social Scene uses a weird sound-catalogue song, and I like their impressions and quirks.  Animal Collective is another band with a cool indie-electronic sound collection that has gotten a lot of press lately.  (There are more, but it’s already 9 am.  Let’s post already.)

Anyway, for the RPM I put together beats and a bass track from Garageband and sent it to Mike Wolstat and Guy Capecelatro. We are, each of us, at the mercy of the others to put whatever they want onto our original tracks.  It’s been so interesting to see what the others have come up with this.  I worked on this yesterday and today.  It’s been hard to know what to pull out and back and find clarity and a focus, but it is what it is, and it’s groovy, which I like most of all.  What you’re hearing here is a collaboration of two tracks from each of us to create:

You Broke Me In: Ninety-Six Seconds

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