55. Give Me More In Color (Originally: “My Computer is About to Die, So…”)


Pearl and the Beard At Hog Farm! With Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, Santiago and Dilly Dilly. Love is everywhere.

Original posting:

“I am going to quickly post a commercial song until I find my lost charger!”

A few days later, after my charger was found, I am posting something more detailed:

Give me More Color

This song is part of the RPM Project with Guy Capecelatro.  Guy, Mike Wolstat and I each wrote 4 songs and traded them, each person adding only two tracks to each song.  This final version is missing Mike’s piano track, but I might add it later if I find the right one that belongs with it.  With so many files going back and forth, I’m not surprised the right one was was lost in the shuffle.  For this song, I tuned my uke up unconventionally and just started playing and improvising.  I recorded it and then recorded one take of improvised lyrics on top of the uke.  It was weird enough to keep, I guess.  The term “Kick back, Holly Jolly” means as much to me as it does to you, so have a good time figuring out what that might be.


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