I am flying home from Miami!

This is a dedication piece.  I didn’t intend it to be.  I started playing around on my loop pedal and brought what I had found to garageband and recorded it all there.

As I started creating it very quickly, not being too picky or redoing a lot of tracks, I found myself  playing around with sound effects, as Guy Capecelatro tends to do.  I like this… it makes me think of Laurie Anderson’s (sound artist) work I heard once that had a bunch of foot steps in it.  I love the sound of footsteps.

Before I knew it, I was putting together a piece where I wasn’t sure if the person was leaving from one place and going to another or returning to the same place.  The clock suggests the latter, but because the door sounds are different, it makes me think they left a friend’s house and walked home… I’m not sure.  It took only a few hours to complete.  I am slowly changing my perfectionist ways.

In any case, as I devised the song, someone kept popping into my mind for some strange reason (it must have been the nature sounds).  I have befriended a bird lover who lives in the middle of the mountains (or so I’ve been told) of California, plays the cello and is a great musician.  This song, even in all its imperfections, is dedicated to him: all the way into the top of the trees.

Taking A Light To Where There Is None (A Dedication)