50. Straight Line (Uke and Three Vocals)


I drew this while on tour with Anna Vogelzang last summer. It is a giraffe. She likes giraffes.

I guess this is supposed to be a benchmark of some kind… song fifty.  I will celebrate it in my own small way by eating an ice cream sandwich today from somewhere.

This is a song I did this morning; right now.  It is exactly noon.  This is a short study on lyrics.

I will write a straight line.
Map out your face in lines and years.
I will write a straight line.

Writing/Recording: In total probably 1.5 hours. Improvised uke after finding little things I liked with which to repeat with in the structure.  Vocals are also improvised, but the study was to be simple yet refined in my lyric choice.  And it didn’t matter how little or many words I used, and I could repeat them, but they had to relate to one another and link together with one common word.  In this case, that word is line.

Straight Line (Uke and Three Vocals)

Hope you are well.  It will be Monday when you read this.  Mondays are special days.  Have an ice cream sandwich.


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