Took this with my phone. This was on the wall of the venue, Respectable Street, in West Palm Beach. I didn't catch the artist's name, but the whole mural was awesome- a bunch of mermaids dragging a woman down into the depths to be a mermaid, too. MERMAIDS! Evil Mermaids!

This song is really old.  Sick old.  (Even so old that I don’t perform it anymore), but I don’t mind using it for the 365 because my friend Steph Taylor of the band The State Of here in Florida challenged me with an a capella song where I accompany myself.  Lo and behold, here it is.  The main vocals in this recording are probably over a year old.  I’ve decided that this counts because the rules are “write or arrange”.  I feel like if covers count, so does this.

I remember writing this song in like 5 minutes or something.  I scribbled it out on a dirty piece of paper with pencil and came up with the melody immediately following.  I deliberately used Greek myth imagery (I love Greek mythology) in the first verse (pay the boatman with a coin).  There was no deliberation upon writing this song that it would be about abuse.  It just happened that way, although I do remember as I wrote the lyrics I reminiscing about Jimi Hendrix’s song Hey, Joe.  This is such an amazing song.  I love it.  I first heard this on a mixed tape a friend made me in high school, and whenever I hear this song I think of him.

Other inspiration came from Alan Lomax’s Negro Prison Blues and Songs.  I love these recordings.  In Pittsburgh, I assisted a professor who introduced me to these recordings, and I fell in love with them.   I highly recommend them to you.

The title comes from the Kurt Vonnegut book Deadeye Dick.  I was struggling with a title at the time and opened this book and there it was.  This book is also somewhat entertaining, and even has recipes you might enjoy.

Yesterday I worked for a huge portion of my day on a long-distance collaboration with Sam McCormally.  After finishing a really rough draft I was quite unhappy with but sent anyway, I sat down and wrote another song to post for today, but will wait because I wanted to fulfill my assignment from Steph Taylor first so you might hear it, too.  So I have been working and writing constantly for hours.  Work gives headaches.

I played a show last night in West Palm Beach, Florida (Yet another smokey club. Man, Florida.  Catch on, won’t you?).  So, I’m here to tell you that I appreciate you coming, listening and reading.  Have a fantastic Sunday.  No shows today or tomorrow, so I’m off to the Keys with some friends from Portland for a few days.  Never been there and should be a good time.

Celia Hildreth in 1943 (The 365 A Capella Version)

Missed the boat, Lord
Have no shillings for the man, Lord
Stranded by my guilt, Lord
Iron shoes weigh down , Lord
Pocket full of bills, Lord
Pay my dues I will, Lord
Saw the hard times through, Lord
Weak things are strong, Lord
My man, Lord
Mighty, mighty man, Lord
Daily showed his hand, Lord
On a guilty conscience lay, Lord
I cry, Lord, I cry, lord
Every night I cry, Lord
My soul for my crime, Lord
Bruised lord
Heart, soul, hand, and face, Lord
A canon to my plea, Lord
Beat down savory guilt, Lord
Woman, Lord
Mighty, mighty woman, Lord
Found sweet mercy here, Lord
Shot that mother down, Lord
I cry, Lord, I cry, Lord
Every night I cry, Lord
My soul for my crime