48. The Princess and The Pea (A Four Minute Cellistic Retelling)


Good day!  Did you know that I love Fairy Tales?  Well, I do.  Very much.  I always had my mother read them to me, and sometimes she would fall asleep reading, and I would insist on poking her to wake her so she would finish them.  One of my favorites was The Red Shoes, and I think my most favorite of all was The Little Mermaid (The non-Disney, bloody, depressing version).  These stories became real life for me which is why I think I liked them so much – such escapism.

In 1982, Shelley Duvall created Faerie Tale Theatre, a freaking sweet series that starred people like Jeff Bridges (Rapunzel – probably my favorite one), Mic Jagger (The Nightingale), Robin Williams (The Frog Prince), and Liza Minnelli (The Princess and The Pea).  You can get most of the episodes on Netflix or buy them even.  Maybe most of my attraction to this series is sentimental, but I have watched them recently and still love them.

So, as I have been working on Guy’s RPM Challenge (see day 46) all day, I took a little while to think about what I wanted the 365 song to be today.  I was shown this woman’s music today: Tuneyards.  I was instantly intrigued by her voice (I really hate pegging someone as anyone other than who they are, but anyone else hear a bit of Nina Simone?) and bold performance attitude.  I say that it’s bold because I’ve always wanted to perform sounds similar to this live and chicken out.  I do it privately when I think no one is listening and always consider doing something like it and maybe I will now that I’ve see this woman do it.  It’s really, really interesting to me, so much so that I would love you to watch this video of her live: Tuneyards: 4AD Sessions.  God bless all the musicians fearlessly doing what they love.

So, for the song today, in light of me really not liking solo bowed cello and voice, I tried about 3 different ideas with just cello and voice live.  (I have to figure out why I don’t like it by trying it instead of just insisting that I don’t do it.)  After a few trials of inspiration and not being happy with the outcome, I totally suddenly and randomly decided to tell the story of The Princess and The Pea.

Recording/Writing: This is totally improvised and all the first and last take.  Everything is live and simultaneous.

The Princess and The Pea (A Four Minute Cellistic Retelling)

Hope you are doing well and that you’ve taken your multi-vitamin should you subscribe to such things.


One thought on “48. The Princess and The Pea (A Four Minute Cellistic Retelling)

  1. I thought you’d like Tune-Yard! I posted a message on your Facebook wall about them a few weeks ago. They are one of my most recent iTunes purchases…iTunes and I have a very deep love.


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