47. I Wish You Were In Everything (The Six Word Song)


Florida Palm Tree

Yesterday I told you about the RPM Challenge.  Last year (I think?), Guy Capecelatro III issued a project to his friends to write a 6 word song.  Well, I tried it, and here it is.

I am in Florida and played a show last night and it was great, but it’s also why I’m late in posting.  I started this late last night, but finished it up this morning.  I’ve decided that sleep is a necessary part of living.

Writing: The words have a friendly place to which they are assigned in my mind, but you can have them where you’d like because that’s who it’s for today… you!

Recording: Tracked separately. Both uke and vocals were the first take.  Also, Emilyn Brodsky asked me to kick the volume of the tracks up a few notches, which I have been attempting to do lately.  This is the first one I felt like worked, finally!

I Wish You Were in Everything (The Six Word Song)

I do hope you are having a fine day, and if not (or even if you are): I suggest a medium hot chocolate, whipped cream and cinnamon on the top.  Then, go buy some butter cookies or something that will work to dip in it… that’s my suggestion, at least.


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