Please Delta Airlines: Let me on with my cello today so I can get to Florida for my shows in peace and non-anxiety. Please.

Good morning.  I understand the need for a break.  I’d like to have one right about now, but it’s not really an option.  So, here we go:

The RPM Challenge: Held every February and people from all around the world get on it.  The Challenge: “Record an album in 28 days, just because you can.  That’s 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material recorded during the month of February.  Go ahead… put it to tape.”

I was approached by Guy Capecelatro about collaborating on an RPM project for the month of February.  The collaboration in Guy’s words:

The idea: writing 3 to 4 songs with just 2 things on it then passing it along for the next person to do 2 things and then the final person and their 2 things.  What you start with can be anything at all as long as you’re okay with free rein from myself and Mr. Mike Wolstat.

This has been an interesting endeavor, and I would suggest anyone stuck on something to give it a try.  It’s an interesting process also because as I’ve received each original version of the proposed songs, I’ve had to remember that another person has yet to add 2 more tracks to it.  It’s a good lesson in listening and planning out your attack.

The past 24 hours I have either worked on existing or written new material for 8 songs both for myself and other people.  I leave for Florida today (Feb. 18th) at noon and then run to play a show tonight at 11 pm in Miami.  Today, I would like to show you just a few incomplete songs within this RPM that will be completed by the end of the month with more tracks on them added by Mike Wolstat and Guy Capecelatro.  When the song is completed, I’ll update this with the new version so you can hear the finished product.

#1 Give Me More in Color (Original Version): WEIRD!  But I’m over myself and will show you anyway.  It’s funny.  (A little of both “funny ha ha” and “funny weird me out”).  I sat with my tenor uke and started playing with the beginning motif, pushed record and improvised the rest of the song.  This is the first and only take of the uke part.  The vocals were recorded immediately afterwords and are completely improvised.  I thought I would just use this first improvisation as a map and write the rest of the song from it, but as I went back and re-recorded it, the performance was so weird and unlike me, I decided to just use it.  So, there it is.  I have sent this song to Guy to add whatever in the world he wants.  We’ll see if he can make any sense of it… and good luck to Mike as well!

#2 There’s a Fire (with EHP only): This is a song Guy wrote and sent me that I worked on yesterday.  His original parts are the thumb piano and vocal.  I really like almost everything about this song.  I went against my instincts with the additions I did to this song.  I was actually hearing female vocal as an accompaniment to Guy’s lead vocals, but did tambourine (one of my least favorite instruments, actually) and a cello line.  Mike still gets to add 2 more tracks to this and it will be complete!  I like the cello line, but question my use of tambourine.  What is this life but to learn?

#3 Bachelorhood (with Guy only): What you’re hearing here is a tiny loop of the beginning and end of a track I received from Jeffrey McKenna of Canada.  He and his brother put this track together and sent it to me as a 365 hopeful.  It’s cool, and I’ve been working with it for a few weeks.  I used the first 2 seconds or so of the end and the beginning for this song as well as manually playing an old recording from my record player from The Best of Steve Allen’s “What is a Wife”.  I sent it to Guy and he added toy piano and nature sounds.  Mike Wolstat will add two more tracks.   We’ll see what happens!

The 365 continues…thank you for coming back again and again… see you tomorrow!