Guy Capecelatro III. I sure do like you.

I recorded these loops I created for Guy when I was visiting Portsmouth, New Hampshire in mid-January, and he sent me the result of the collaboration today.  I love it, and I hope you do, too.

“It is tonight that I remain thoughtful about the future, as my past has been reflected back at me suddenly if not even a little sadly.” -A.E.H.

Ohio –

Guy Capecelatro (producer, engineer, vocals, everything) EHP: cello loop

I like saying the word Ohio she said
Ohio Ohio Ohio
I just don’t’ think I could live here
The light was just getting witchy
As the sun dangled barely above the line of trees
That speckled the horizon
It won’t be long he said
Head resting on the headrest
We just need to get her healthy again
Stay with me