41. Lot’s Wife vs. Eurydice


What a long day. Rehearsals and 2 writing sessions for the 365, but so worth it!

This is Emilyn Brodsky.  She is a wizard and plays the ukulele and has awesome hair, loves raw garlic and James Frazee.  Emilyn an amazing songwriter.  I envy her ability to describe with words exactly what she means to say but yet have a thousand layers of meaning underneath that.  She is a dear friend and a great writing collaborator.  I learned a lot from her on today’s song.

Her goal for this collaboration was to write something from the ground up.  We certainly did that today.  We walked into this project with a completely open mind.  There was no preconceived notions of what kind of song we might attempt to create.  I took my cello to Emilyn’s house, and we spent the entire night composing this song.  Emilyn wrote every single word of the lyric (gratefully: I wanted to concentrate on getting the main cello voice out or at least sketched), and I improvised 3 cello tracks under a fixed, though still semi-improvised, main cello accompaniment.  We talked about perhaps using biblical themes, the Ten Commandments, etc.  We had a really interesting discussion about Abraham and Sarah from the Old Testament, and I realized she knows more than me in general (smiley face).  We also discussed Lot and Eurydice in the context of loss and sacrifice.  Yet another reason I was super glad that Emilyn was handling the lyrics for this one.  Though what we discussed was interesting, it had many layers and capturing those layers with word appropriately was overwhelming to me.  Emilyn’s writing is full of symbolism and intention.  This is why I really like her art: it’s pretty much guaranteed to mean something significant to her and to the listener.

It’s always an adventure writing with Emilyn- and she brought up some really great advice for me about this project, my goals, and my emotional state during the process.  We played with a bunch of directions for the song, but, again, I was glad I was only suggesting and not deciding tonight.  I’m so tired.  I think this has been a very successful, though I really wish the cello parts were played better…I would like to re-record this with a better performance on my part, but for a demo, this will suffice.

Recording: We tracked all voices separately.  Though I so much more prefer live recordings; these are all demos essentially.  But it’s nice to have a good feel in general, so whatever is appropriate.  Thank you very much, Emilyn.  I love your guts, and you’re stomach.

Lot’s Wife vs. Eurydice

hello best self, thank you for waiting on that shelf.
today i’ll take you down because i’m leaving town.

it’s salt or it’s sent back to where you’ve spent
all your time waiting for me to claim you as mine.

hello love of my life, you can covet his’ wife,
you only get one life. just don’t touch her.

it’s salt or it’s sent back to where you’ve spent
all your time waiting for me to claim you as mine.

hello old friend, while it’d be nice to see you again
you know what they say about lookin’ away.

it’s salt or it’s sent back to where you’ve spent
all your time waiting for me to claim you as mine.

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