33. Cowboys and Ukes (+BONUS TRACK)


EHP - circa 1984 (No, not yesterday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

My dear friend,

Okay. This is what I’m going to do:  I wrote a song yesterday with the new uke my dad sent me and because UPS carefully delivered it to my door, and I sent this silly song to my friends in UPS (Ugly Purple Sweater) just because.  Now, this was not supposed to be the song for yesterday.  I had every intention of writing a totally different song for the 365 today, but, because of my show at The Knitting Factory last night, I didn’t end up getting home until 3 am and was totally delirious.  I considered staying up and completing the task at hand, but it was impossible.  So, after a few hours, and starting a whole new song today, I have decided to allow the UPS-Uke to fill the gap, though I’m openly disappointed, it’s not all that bad.  After all, I am still within the perimeters of the goal: it is any length, any genre, and I wrote it yesterday.

However, I have also decided to include extra, non-365 songs for you hear just for fun… I mean, it’s a Friday.  Friday is a good day for catching up on the past, no?

Cowboys and Ukes


This is one of my most favorite cello pieces ever written.  I used to play it all the time with my pianists friends.  Recorded in 2002 for my senior recital, I added just this movement onto a few of my recitals following my graduation- including my Master’s recital in 2004.  I think it’s one of the most moving pieces of work for the cello and piano (it is, after all, very much a duet for the two instruments)- though the repertoire for cello is immense and wonderful: there are gems around every corner.  I suppose I’m posting this only because we have now spent a month together: you reading and listening, and me talking at you, and I wanted share more, I guess.

Photo by Bryon Darby - http://www.bryondarby.com (Love his work! Picture is linked.)

My classical roots are riddled with memories, good and bad, and very heavy weight, both good and bad as well.  Posting my classical recordings is for me, in a way, the ultimate musical nakedness.  Let’s just say I’m working on dumping my baggage when addressing my musical roots and deal with what was, what is, and what will be.

Classical playing is so challenging and requires an intense mental and physical stamina.  To be frank with you, I’ve lost some of my dexterity and strength, which I’ve calmly, though at times very angrily, accepted as a truth and a kind of toss of the dice so-to-speak.  (Though I know I could totally change this with enough discipline and organization of practice time.)

I’m generally happy with this performance, (though it is almost 8 years old and three degrees later, yikes!!!), as it was the last thing on my program, and I remember just being really happy to finally get to the end of it.  Though I am nervous for you to hear it, knowing it’s imperfections (this nervousness a part of the residue that I’m hoping this 365 will actually help me face), I’m happy you might hear it and sense just a bit of my love of this instrument and it’s relationship to my past.

Rachmaninoff Cello Sonata in G minor, Op. 19, Movement 3 (Emily Hope Price, cello and Alessandra Volpi, piano)

Working on song for tomorrow, so I must run.  Hope your Friday is treating you well!


One thought on “33. Cowboys and Ukes (+BONUS TRACK)

  1. OK, no joke. I was reading your description for the second song and thinking “I hope it’s Rachmaninoff…I hope it’s Rachmaninoff.” YES! I heart the Rach, the piano, and the cello – add some EHP = total awesomeness.


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