29. “God Bless Your Weary Soul, Jon Barker” – The Rap


Jocelyn Mackenzie, EHP and Jeremy Styles (PatB)

I hate to say I warned you, Jon Barker.  But you give lyrics to a member of Pearl and the Beard, there is a high percentage they will try to rap them.

Some interesting developments have occurred.  The 365 Project has recently been the subject of a few people’s attention.  I have been contacted by a some people who have sent me either lyrics or music requesting that I work on it and use it for the 356.  So cool!

Here is the first example that came to me a few days ago.  Jon Barker is a very devout Pearl and the Beard fan from England.  We met him in person at our New Jersey show while on tour with Ugly Purple Sweater.  He has sent me lyrics with which to set music.  I read through them and realized: I am totally reading a RAP!  (Sorry if this isn’t quite what you hand in mind, Jon…but do know that these lyrics are cool! Nicely done!)  I sent the lyrics to Jeremy, who, in turn, came up with a sweet beatboxing groove which we looped with my loop pedal (we only used it because his guitar/beatboxing multitasking skillzzz were a little rusty.)  Joc came in with some sweet, sweet vocals for the chorus.

We recorded it 3 times and took the second version.  I love Jeremy and Jocelyn!

And yes, this is me.  Rapping.  I wanted to try it at least once in the 365 days.  This project is forcing me to be brave.  BE BRAVE.  (But you will probably never hear me rap again… and that’s totally okay.  phew…)

Well, Mr. Barker.  It’s probably not what you had in mind, but now you can tell all your friends that Pearl and the Beard rapped your lyrics!  Thanks for being cool!

“God Bless Your Weary Soul, Jon Barker”

Jon,  hope it’s okay, but I included your entire original email.  It was an awesome time!  Thank you for contributing!

Hi, this is actually something I wrote several years ago hoping to have a female vocalist – my singing voice isn’t strong enough. I don’t tend to write full songs anymore. I get verses down, and they tend to be faster tempo/hiphop, but at the time, this felt better sung than anything else. I hope you like it, and if you have any ideas I look forward to seeing how that goes.


incomplete, so discrete, sitting silent every week
mind a mess, added stress, and i find that i’m depressed
will i ever now be free from my insecurities
or will pressure bring me down?
’cause i don’t have a life when you’re gone

i stopped living, i can’t bear it anymore
stopped giving, gave my all – it left me raw
don’t have much more to lose, or things to do
without you here, i’m missing you

segregate, separate, why this pain will devastate
all alone, come back home, i no longer operate
fever breaks as i collapse, and all my worst words i retract
please don’t leave me here alone
’cause i’m anxious, alive nevermore

i stopped living, i can’t bear it anymore
stopped giving, gave my all it left me raw
don’t have much more to lose or things to do
without you here… i’m missing you

obsolete from my peak, as i fall from being weak
dead and void, your exploit, will i ever be employed
by your love and trust with you
as a loving pair may do, as a husband and his wife are two
or one, where have you gone? i don’t know

i stopped living, i can’t bear it anymore
stopped giving, gave my all it left me raw
don’t have much more to lose or things to do
without you here… i’m missing you

Thanks to Jeremy’s roommate Mike for steppin’ in as the FLYBOY… nice…

8 thoughts on “29. “God Bless Your Weary Soul, Jon Barker” – The Rap

  1. This makes me want to ghostwrite a rap album for P&The Bead so hard. Already emailypooped Emily but thanks to all three of you for recording this. You made a Brit grin (nearly wrote grin, awkward typo moment) from cheek to …well I mean, I smiled and laughed, listened and was surprised pleasantly. Why am I still typing? I enjoyed this, keep it going!

  2. Yo! Joc!

    You try typing up a blog at 2:30 in the morning: I my face was implanted into the keys… I was totally delirious! thanks for the sympathy! 🙂

    I now feel as if I have betrayed the band… man. I’m I kicked out?

    • Indeed, Emily, I give thee the utmost credit for staying up later than your means to deliver the world your lovely music. Thank you for being your delirious wonderful self! Betrayed anyone you have not, Young Jedi!

  3. I love Pearl and the BEAD too! We’ve never seen that one before. Amazing. AND FROM ONE OF OUR OWN! Sheesh.

    But really, this was such a fun project to work on, and thanks both of you, Mr. Barker and Miss Price, for letting me be part of it! Music is the universal equalizer.


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