28. You Like Me More When I’m Gone


Just the facts, Mam…

Anthony Da Costa and I wrote this song together tonight.  We made a plan to meet and made it happen.  He came to my house.  We drove to Pleasantville, New York.  We had dinner with his beautiful Italian mother.  We ate pasta, shrimp and fluffy chocolate cake.  We wrote this song.  There is cello and guitar in it.  It is about a boy trucker and a girl cheater.

Da Costa's got a show!

We recorded it live with his condenser mic and his pro tools in his parents’ living room.  We did it about 5 or 6 times and took the last take.  Anthony had the framework for this song before we met.  It is a sad un-ballad country song.  We worked really hard on these lyrics together and formed the story behind it.  We finished at about 12:30 am.  I drove Anthony home to his dorm (he goes to Columbia University) and helped him carry several arm loads of laundry, his guitar and his recording equipment up to his door.  I love Anthony, and we had the best time writing this song.  Really.  The best time.  I hope you enjoy it, too.

Anthony’s speciality is love songs.  Anthony’s love songs are heartbreaking.  We are going to do another collaboration and do a sweet and lovely love song.  I hope it will make us cry doing it!  I really like how he seems to have no fear communicating through music.  I wish I was more free like this.  (He was one of the masterminds behind You Don’t Know What You’re Doing To Me.)  Anthony is a prolific and wonderful singer, guitarist and songwriter.  He has such an ease at the instrument.  I have recorded cello for him in the past and will be doing so (I’ve been told!) on Anthony’s next album.  I’m very excited, and I’m so honored to continue to work with him.

(Anthony- how was that?)

You Like Me More When I’m Gone

Well, I love you pretty baby, more than I should
Been thinking bout the way you don’t treat me so good
You talk about the way you care
But it seems to only happen when I’m not there
You call me up and say you’ve been true
But who knows if you’ve been doing what you oughtn’t to
It’s so hard for me to let on that you like me more when I’m gone
It seems I’m always on the road, yeah I roam from town to town
This old eighteen wheeler is glory bound
I’ve been traveling along, doing my time
With girls in every bar, but you are always on my mind
So I get a little drunk in a motel room
Peanut butter sandwich and some pay-per-view (This is my favorite line)
All the while, you’re at home singing songs
Cause you like me more when I’m gone
I think you’ve changed
Well that’s not right
You’re acting strange
But you’re my guy
Just tell me plain
Oh, let’s not fight
Is there something going on?
Well, at least not tonight!
They say that distance makes the heart grow strong
But baby I believe we’ve been apart for too long
Because the minute I walk right in through the door
I say “I’m Home, pretty baby,” and you say, “What for?”
Ad then this fear is creepin’ in with a smile so wide
Always comes right when I’m leaving, You look so satisfied.
Call  crazy  call me stupid, call me wrong
But I think you like me more when I’m gone

5 thoughts on “28. You Like Me More When I’m Gone

    • Hi! Anthony Dacosta may have done a version of it – I know he took it on tour with him to perform live. Perhaps he and I will do a proper recording of it one of these days when he gets back from a stint in Austin, TX! 🙂 Thank you for writing.


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