26. Poison; You Are (What You Are Is What I Am).


(I accidentally typed day twenty-sex. Twice.)

Nearly one month gone.  Nearly.

Dura Mater

This is the Iron that makes you Audience.


It is the New Math.


Here is its Venue.

Painting you a picture, you may hear what it feels like.

Poison; You Are (What You Are Is What I Am).

Instrumentation: violin, omnichord, composed midi-instruments, voice sample (s.)

Composition Time: Approx. 4-5 hours.  Headphones are recommended.

(Hoping you are well, as I am happy you have come back to visit.)

3 thoughts on “26. Poison; You Are (What You Are Is What I Am).

  1. This is the first song that I wasn’t really able to go beyond the surface. To me it didn’t have enough substance to pull me in, nor enough space to allow me to float around in it. Don’t worry, though EHP I still think your brilliant!

    • I’m so glad you wrote and said that…thank you for being honest! (Just as a personal aside: it just means that I’m not totally transparent which actually makes me feel okay about not reaching you with this one. It’s much less of a “song” and more of a literal living in a very personal moment within someone else’s actual physical functioning, I guess not unlike some songs with words can do, but also why I did not include a narrative.) I’m happy you listened enough to be able to TELL me why you couldn’t get beyond the surface, however. There are flaws about this piece, for sure, but what it, and those flaws, represent are personal for everyone, especially me and, frankly, that’s what it’s for.

      I love that you said this: nor enough space to allow me to float around in it. I actually thought that myself when it was completed! But, this is what it has been feeling like, so I couldn’t edit it.

      Things have been rough lately, but I’m looking at it from a “detoxing” sort of perspective. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a 12 step program with 365 steps in it. Again- thank you for commenting: it’s really worthwhile for me and makes me think.


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