24. “That’s A Big Butt For a White Girl” (repost)

Yep. Prince sues people I guess.  I got a little paranoid and deleted this original posting (sorry Cynthia), but Joc wanted it back on.  I’m reposting this entry as just the song (although I know there really is no difference if the post is here or not… )

What’s dumb is that I’m never going to sell this one so I’m not sure why someone would care… but I’m thoughtful about it, I guess.  Anyway, Kiss is a great song and has been done by tons of people, so I’m not incredibly worried about being sued only because I’m so disgustingly under the radar that I’m not sure it matters at all…

Yay.  Suing.  Yay legal system. – Yours, EHP

4 thoughts on “24. “That’s A Big Butt For a White Girl” (repost)

  1. I take it back…THIS IS THE SHIZNIT!!!! I know, I’m listening out of order and I will find others I love, but THIS RULES!!!

    I love your voice especially when you do the Elvis thing. I am in total agreement with Player above. BRILLIANT.

  2. How discouraging. And short-sighted. Amazing artists like you making covers of another artist’s songs only serves to increase the latter artist’s exposure, venerable status and visibility. Here’s some instructions for sue-happy artists: Grip head firmly at the base of the neck. Remove head from ass. Take a look around. Breathe fresh air. Enjoy increased popularity and income.


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